Listen to Selects Season 2 Episode 3: Sound, Music, Voices

Listen: Selects is the show for people looking to listen to something new! It curates together a collection of short audio pieces (<10 min) so you can discover great podcasts by independent producers.
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Submit: a short piece of audio or a clip from a longer piece that has been edited to work as a stand-alone piece.

Vote: on your favorite pieces from the episode and give feedback to creators.

All voters will receive a 3-month subscription to Hindenberg Journalist PRO for anyone who votes. One lucky voter will receive an hour of Trint automated transcription!

The winner of the vote will receive a package of audio-related prizes from sponsors, including:

  • $100
  • Izotope’s RX Elements plugin
  • 1-year subscription to Hindenburg Journalist PRO with a promo for discounts on other Hindenburg products each month
  • 1 hour of Trint audio transcription