What to submit

A piece of audio <10 minutes. They can be teasers or trailers for an episode or a show, or clips from an episode, but they need to stand alone and feel satisfying.

How to submit

Email attach the file as a google drive link or send a wetransfer link.

Required: Submit pieces with your

  • Name
  • Podcast/project name (and if it’s a section of a bigger episode what is the name of that episode)
  • The best way people can reach you or see your other work
  • A question you have for listeners (they’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback for you when they vote.)
  • Anything else you want to put out there. Are you looking for collaborators? For a job? Want to promote some other project you’re working on?

And it’d be cool if: you could answer the following questions either in the email (or for bonus gold stars, record yourself talking about them and send the audio):

  • Give a teaser for the piece in a sentence. Why should I listen?
  • What part of the piece do you think is the best tape?
  • Are there any slick sound/design or editing tricks you’re proud of?


If selected for an episode, we reserve the right to continue to distribute it, but you own the material and can do whatever you want with it. Only submit material you own and have the right to submit.

I work as a radio reporter and need to avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest, therefore it’s difficult for me to play any pieces that are overtly political in nature.